Should Technology Devices Be Used in the Workplace Essay

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Technology is something that has changed our lives in the last decades. This includes cell phones, internet, laptops, etc. Since its improvement, technology as a whole has been dramatically changed and is now vital since it also makes lives much easier. Technology overload could certainly be associated with being anti-social. People tend to forget the outside world and the excitements of it because they are too concentrated on their devices and slowly start to become anti-social.
There are several ways on how to best cope with technology overload; make use of it only at the work place, use the devices safely.

Technology devices should only be used in the work place because some people focus so much on their work that they forget they have families waiting for them at home, these are workaholics and even once they get home they still in their technological world and what they must do in this case is to turn off their cell phones devices in order to spend some quality time with their families. This also applies when being around people or friends whether it’s a meeting, or lunch, it is very important to be considerate towards others and not have your phone in your hand all the time as this is considered to be rude and impolite.

Another way to deal with technology overload is while driving. In this situation it is essential or even crucial not to use technology devices on the wheel because is not only dangerous for the driver itself, but also for the passengers if there are…