Should Terminally-Ill Patients Continue To Receive Available Medical Treatment

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My idea on should terminally –ill patients continue to receive all available medical treatment or should they only receive medical care oriented to reducing pain/suffering during their final months. Am not too sure of which decide I would go for because I have not been in a situation like that, where I had to make a big deicide like that. But I would want someone I know to continue receiving medical treatment until it’s that time for them to go. But if they refusing to take treatment that another thing. By them continue receiving medical care they might get better, god work in mysterious way and anything could happen. Most people that had not been in a situation they may say to stop all treatment to the end. But I think in another way, they should receive treatment until god call them home. Seeing someone you love laying there in pain will hurt you more that it is hurting them. You would have to be strong, if they can’t make deciding for themselves it up to you to make that …show more content…

I think they should continue treatment because people can come out of a coma, they might not be the same. They also might not remember anything and have to start over but they pulled thought. Time heals all things, if there body strong enough to fight then let them fight as long as they can. Now by the doctor worrying about how much money they going to be losing trying to keep someone thats die alive shouldn’t be an issues. Now I do think it should be a limit on how long you should give medical or treatment to the patient. Because am sure nobody would want to or see someone they love be on life support forever that’s just putting the patient in more pain if the medical not helping. So my opinion is that terminally-ill patients should continue to receive medical treatment for a limited

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