Should The Abortion Be Legal?

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When young women get pregnant at a young age, they think their life is over. The first thing most women think is to get an abortion. Having an abortion will damage your body and you will be killing an innocent baby. An abortion can cause many negative effects to your body. That’s why I think aborting your child should be illegal
Women choose to have an abortion because the child might be inconvenient, too expensive, or too difficult. It’s a lot of pressure to having a baby, but if you don’t think you can handle one, use a condom or do not have sex at all. Women do not think about terminating their child because of their health problems or rape. They think about the wrong things when they find out that they are pregnant. For instance, I cannot have a baby this young or I’m not ready for a baby, because I don’t have a job. I know it’s not easy, but it should be no reason you should kill one of god’s children. Most women think that aborting their child is the best decision for them. I would understand if you were raped, but if that did not happen to you then you should not be able to lose your child. They should make a law saying having an abortion is illegal unless you were raped. Other reason should not be a good reason. If you are brave enough to have sex with someone without a condom or have sex period, then you should not have no reason to abort your baby if you have one.

Women have abortions and do not think about the side effects it have emotional and physical. Two to

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