Analysis Of Arguments Against The Death Penalty

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Does death justify the loss of a loved one? The death penalty has been around for decades, raising questions and resulting in the issue of whether it is socially acceptable or morally incorrect. Instinctively we perceive death with horror, particularly the thought of killing someone else. But as human beings we also have a barbarian instinct that wants revenge when someone has hurt us deeply. Generally people who have suffered a tragedy, in which a loved one has been taken from them, would tend to support the death penalty. While those who have never experienced such an ordeal may see things with a different perspective and debate that a criminal’s life is a human life nevertheless. Arguments of why the death penalty should exist include…show more content…
But nothing scares people more than the idea of death, thus with this criminals won’t be tempted to commit a serious crime without chance of paying the ultimate price for their actions. This helps protect people from murders because the crime rates will decrease. We can argue that fear is the strongest emotion we have, and if we use it by inflicting it into criminals, then our streets will be a safer place. This deference factor has been around for years, “Death Penalty Curriculum” states, “Then in 1973 Isaac Ehrlich employed a new kind of analysis which produced results showing that for every inmate who was executed, 7 lives were spared because others were deterred from committing murder.”[5] These types of results suggest that this method of deference has been around for a while, so if we adopt this form of Capital Punishment we will decrease criminal activity by just inflicting this fear into criminals.
The thought of jail to us means a dark, isolated room, but to a criminal that has nothing left to lose it’s actually a well-maintained living arrangement. Criminals don’t have the commodities that we have, so they see jail as a place to be with fellow inmates, have three square meals a day, a library, and a gym. Many murderers get the same punishment as rapists and other criminals, and are thrown into jail under the same circumstances except for the time they serve. This idea seems
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