Should The Death Penalty Remain Instated

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Capital punishments have been around for centuries. They have always been an efficient way to deal with heinous criminals. I believe that you should be punished equally as to your crime, and if that crime is intentional murder then you have signed off on your life as soon as that person, or those people died. Death penalty should remain instated because people have an obvious fear of death, for the justice it rightfully deserves, and people deserved to feel safe.
It is in our human nature to keep grasping at life in fear of death. Even those who say they do not fear death if given the chance to pick death or imprisonment; they would pick the option that keeps them alive. Some might say that killing them is a way of freeing them. However, wouldn't you rather live somewhere knowing whoever that person would have tried to kill next is safe.
The justice system is there to protect us as citizens. Moreover, it gives justice to the people who have lost lives to a brutal game. These people deserve nothing but reassurance in knowing whoever did it got exactly what they deserved. Of course you can not fight fire with fire, but in this case you are burning out that criminals flame for the fairness equal to their crime. Not only doesn't it give justice to the
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These people could literally be exposed to danger because the right actions to ensure their safety was not taken. Removing a murderer of the street is public service, and when they are completely gone off the face of the earth that brings peace to those citizens. A great example of danger was Ted Bundy. He was an American serial killer in the late 1900s. He brutally raped and murdered countless women. He admitted to about thirty crimes, but that is estimated to be a lower number than the truth. He was executed in the electric chair in Florida. Now honestly isn't it safer that he can not do more harm than her has done. Didn't he deserve that? ( top 10 most deserved
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