Should The Great Gatsby Be Banned?

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In order for a book to get banned or challenged an individual has to file a complaint, and within that complaint they have to state what was it that they found out offensive, and a committee would decide whether if the book is banned, but if the writer wants to defend it, they could also go to a court and a judge would decide whether if it is taken away from the libraries or it gets banned, that all is according to Rebecca Alexander. Committing adultery is also a big part of this book and its inevitable to think that there weren't any sexual references because sex is never actually mentioned, in my perspective this book should have never been banned or challenged. Publisher Arthur Mincer once wrote that he thought this book (The Great Gatsby) is an amazing piece of work. Although this book has been banned and challenged many times, Most high schools in…show more content…
Fitzgerald's writing pursuits at Princeton came at the expense of his coursework, however, causing him to be placed on academic probation, and in 1917 he dropped out of school to join the Army, was stationed at Fort Leavenworth that was around the times where World War I was going on so he was scared that his life was going to end in the war and in a visit back home to St. Paul Minnesota he met Ginevra King who would actually be his inspiration for many female characters in his novels and one of them is Daisy Buchanan (one of the main female characters in the book The Great Gatsby). Later on, he became a 2nd lieutenant and was stationed in the outsides of Montgomery, Alabama where Fitzgerald met and fell in love with Zelda Sayre, World War I ended before Fitzgerald was even deployed so he went back to New York City hoping to get a lucrative career to convince Zelda to marry him. She accepted the marriage proposal, but after some time that Fitzgerald couldn't give her all she want, lead to their engagement break
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