Should The United States Use Atomic Bombs During The Cold War

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The end of World War II and the awareness of international society to the peace and security of the world does not fully vanish the warfare among nations. Even though the wars that currently happening are not as brutal as in the past, but it does not mean there will be no harm consequences. For example, during the Cold War between United States of America and Soviet Union did not perform any battlefield action. However, the tension between the two and allies has caused severe economic loss for the other nations. Both United States and Soviet Union were preparing all the necessary weapons to face unexpected physical battlefield, nuclear weapons, drones, flying bomber jet et cetera. This is one of the examples of nations declining the peace in literal meaning.
The discussion of lethal weapon has put nuclear weapon in the top list. Nuclear weapons and atomic bombs had first created since the 19th and 20th centuries where the United States, Great Britain, and Canada joined together. As it has been known widely, on August 6 1945 atomic bomb in Hiroshima detonated, followed the three days after in Nagasaki. Those atomic bombs have caused death of one hundred thousand Japanese civilians and …show more content…

Besides developing their nuclear weapons or any other heavy lethal weapons, many states are also developing their high-tech weapons. Thus, so called autonomous weapons, have finally introduced in this modern era. Many people must not familiar with the term ‘autonomous weapons’, many scholars have defined that it is a weapons which are select and engage targets without human intervention. This autonomous weapon is a killer robot in any possible forms, and very ideal for task such as assassinations, destabilizing nations, subduing populations and selectively killing a particular ethnic group. It is locked the target, and attack, no intervention no halt after it is

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