Should Travelling Be A Fun And Entertaining Experience

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While travelling should be a fun and entertaining experience, it is sometimes scary and frightening if you travel without travel insurance. There are many unplanned events that can occur when you travel; your luggage gets lost or stolen, you get sick and need medical attention, or something happens and you need to cancel your trip before it even begins. No one really knows what’s going to happen before or after their journey begins and some of these unforeseen incidents can cause a pretty penny; however, with travel insurance protection from STA Travel Insurance, you can protect your trip and your assets from expenses beyond your reach.
STA Travels is a company with a story unlike any other; started by two students in 1979, they provided affordable flights and adventures to other students like them, but today, the company is so much more, as they expand their services to offer affordable student travel insurance policies that includes coverage for medical expenses, baggage and personal effects, trip delay, and accidental death and dismemberment. The company and the plans they offer are administered by CSA Travel Protection and Insurance Services and the Travel Insurance is underwritten by American Modern Home Insurance Company.
STA Travel Insurance Policies
Explorer Plus Policy Coverage – provides travellers with insurance coverage for medical emergencies, trip delay and trip cancellation. This is a multi-trip policy that offers protection throughout a one year period,

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