Wedding Planner Essay

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No couple wants to be charged more than what they are getting when their wedding is being planned. In today’s society, there are not many limits to becoming a wedding planner. This means that people that who are inexperienced are planning weddings and charging their clients a high price for bad service. This makes it harder for us, as a wedding planning business, to charge clients accordingly, because they do not trust our pricing judgment. We need to get more talented professionals in the forefront so that both our clients and our company can receive what they deserve.

There are many steps that we can take in order to help our company bring in better prices. We should first start looking into hiring new employees. This would be solely to ensure that all of our employees, newly hired and old have a degree in wedding planning. By hiring people who have a degree in our field of work ensures that the employees are truly informed of the basics of their study.
Next, we can look into starting a training process. It would be mandatory for all employees so that they are aware of what this company requires of them and how to properly execute their role on a daily basis. We can also have an interning program for some of our employees that are less experienced, or even just for those that are looking for internships (i.e. college students). They would be able to intern under some of our veteran level workers and follow them throughout the whole process of planning a wedding.


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