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1# Shower Thoughts

For the past couple of months or so, I had come to realization that "truth" as I know it to be (and also knowing that I can't confess to my hubristic self that I, too, at times, can be quite credulous, often too hasty in accepting almost down-right ridiculous beliefs) and its integrity can be doubted and eventually dissected enough to be broken, how? The thought that we all essentially have some sort of inclination towards certain belief and concepts stemming from those beliefs, whether in the form of childhood indoctrination and whatnot.

Of course, this does not exclude us, people of the intellectual community from such. We too have unconsciously adopted and fallen victim to many of the said brainwashings, propagandas, indoctrination etc. that we go so passionately against. Now, I can already hear you defend your hypocritical position by saying "I doth not! How dareth thee eve' mention 'r assume such a thing."

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But it does mean, for the lack of better terms; that I shall be more analytical and critical of everything presented to me , and with the intention of not deluding myself into holding anything as immune to said evaluation and analysis (i.e my theism), since that would be a clear of example of the "childhood indoctrination" I espoused against over and over, if the Theistic faith or any beliefs for that matter and it's/their ideologies, can withstand my critical assessments and/or dissections, it will earn both my respect and eventually my personal conviction towards it. It's always better to have a firm and solid foundation to back up your faith rather than simply being a naive dogmatist who believes in things that may or may not even be true. To reiterate, I am not identifying myself as a Theist, or an Atheist, or an Agnostic or anything for that matter. My position simply begs me to make everything susceptible to doubt and critical evaluation, it is not the rejection of my Theism and/or Christianity in

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