Significance Of Point Of Sale Technology

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The Significance of Point of Sale Technology
In economics, it is common that consumers and businesses regularly encourage each other to create opportunities of greater convenience in commerce. Devices operating on shared computing operating systems are the most convenient forms of connecting consumers and retailers. According to Loebbecke (2007), point of sale (POS) is where electronic transactions are traded for goods and services. It refers to the electronic cash register or appointed POS hardware utilized at checkout, however the POS is merely the actual place in where commerce is conducted. These transactions can occur inside a brick-and-mortar, by PC as well as on smart phones and tablets where POS hardware is connected to mobile devices (Loebbecke, 2007). There are a number of advantages and disadvantages when using POS hardware. Therefore, it is imperative that businesses first understand that speed and convenience often jeopardize the integrity of a company and the privacy of its customers, and implement safeguards to avoid counter-productivity. The CIO for Alliance Supermarkets desires to make better use of the volume of data retrieved with each sale via the Point of Sale (POS) software that documents the sale of each product as it is bar coded. There are three key issues which the CIO wishes to address: 1) be able to respond to sudden, unanticipated inventory demand; 2) identify demand patterns that vary from store to store; 3) assist the manufacturers

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