Significance Of Tattoos

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Origin of tattoos
Many people all over the world have been marking their bodies for thousands of years. The word tattoo may have two meanings; a verb or a noun, whereby as a verb it means the act of marking the skin with indelible ink whereas tattoo as a noun refers to the picture or a pattern made. A person who puts tattoos is called a tattoo artist, tattooist or a tattoer and the shop where he operates is called tattoo parlor/shop.
The word tattoo is said to be a loanword from Polynesians (Tahitians) which had various spellings such as tatu, tattow, ta-tu, tatao which means to mark something. It is believed that this word was brought to England during Captain Cook’s voyages from Tahiti where he got introduced to tattoos.
Egyptians are the earliest known people known to put tattoos on their bodies. This dates back to 2000 B.C. where female …show more content…

For example; tattoos were used by women in Bomeo for purposes of getting a suitor. These women would put marks on their forearms showing the skill they were good at and thus attracting men who would later marry them.
In Greece, tattoos were used as a form of communication; by use of tattoos spies were easily identified. While in Rome, people who became criminals would be marked or tattooed so that they could be easily picked from the rest of the people and the same would be done to slaves. In Western Asia, mainly among the people of Ainu; the use of tattoos was a way of showing ones status in the society for example girls and married women would easily be distinguished.
The Japanese also embraced use of tattoos especially on criminals where there was a certain mark for the first offense which was a line on the criminal’s forehead. They would then put an arch for second offense and another line for the third one which was the last one. It was a visible mark of punishment which would be seen by

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