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Sikh Marriage Introduction Expect among some westernised subgroups in the larger Indian cities social mixing between the sexes is restricted, even in co-educational schools. Also, the joint or extended family system is still the Indian norm. It is in this context, which can only be referred to in passing in this piece of coursework, that Sikh marriage must be understood. Marriage, traditionally, is not a private matter between two persons. Through the couple two families become closely connected and into one family comes a stranger, the wife. She has therefore to be compatible not only with her husband but with his parents, brothers, their wives and his unmarried sisters. Ideally the marriage…show more content…
The emphasis upon family life as that which God has ordained is such that few Sikhs wish to remain single. The family assists in finding a partner. Suitability should have as its criteria virtuous qualities, temperament and age. Then, if they have any place, societal status and economic position. A final factor will be caste consideration. A Jat is likely to marry a Jat, an Arora an Arora, a Ramgarhia a Ramgarhia, but there are many exceptions. It is most important that a Sikh marries a Sikh. The true life of discipleship to the teaching of the Gurus can most completely be carried out in the householder (grihasthi) state and it is important that it is expressed in a united family. Mixed marriages are not successful in normal experience, whether the tensions be caused by conflict between town a village, wealth and poverty, laxity and piety. Kinship has a negative influence. Sikhs should marry someone whose family (got) as denoted by surname is the same at the distance of the four grandparents. Describe a Sikh wedding ceremony The wedding will normally take place at the bride's village and may be celebrated on the flat rooftop, in a courtyard, garden or in the gurdwara - anywhere so long as the Guru Granth Sahib is present. The groom's party, traditionally comprised only
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