Silent Spring By ' Silent '

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In the book Silent Spring the author brings to our attention the damaging affects that insecticides and pesticides in which we use on a daily basis can have on us. No, not just us humans, but everything that surrounds us. The plant life; the animals; the bacteria, insects, and other types of organisms that live in the soil which sustain the plant life, which in turn feed the animals who feed us, and so on. It has come to the attention of many that the chemicals used in pesticides don’t only cause harm to those living things above the ground, they bring harm to every living thing, and could eventually wipe out earth as we know it. Mankind has created its own destruction with the creation of some very deadly chemicals. Chemicals used on a daily basis to insure our crops survive or that our lawns look healthy and beautiful. These chemicals are also used to protect our forests from destruction from an infestation, or ourselves from insects who are carriers of human disease. However, throughout this process we are contaminating other living creatures and bacteria that could be beneficial to our well-being, and the well-being of everything that surrounds us. The discovery of such chemicals came about long ago when testing them to be used as chemical agents for the killing of man (Carson, p.16). The chemicals used now however are a synthetic version, but are even more potent. “They have immense power not merely to poison but to enter into the most vital processes of the

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