Similar To Power Struggles, Even When Conversations Occur

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Similar to power struggles, even when conversations occur they seem rehearsed and predictable. Fortunati describes a particular conversation in 1984 where even though the exchange does occur, the dialogue is didactic. The conversation appears forced and stimulated. Winston essentially repeats O’Brien as Winston has been conditioned to have the same mindset (Fortunati 143). In Brave New World, Bernard and Helmholtz try to have a conversation with the World Controller when he threatens to banish them from the island, but the World Controller fails to change his mind (Huxley 220). This extreme control over conversations and power struggles leads to a loss of identity. ]] The loss of identity allows individuals to fit within the …show more content…

“Ninety-six identical twins working ninety-six identical machines!” (Huxley 7). While this loss of identity is apparent, the measures taken to ensure this loss are equally notable. Marxism examines the avenues through which the powerful suppress the powerless, specifically techniques of dehumanization and conditioning are prevalent in dystopian literature. Brainwashing techniques are often used sneakily and unobviously to change the subconscious of individuals. “They have been brainwashed into happiness, and whenever brainwashing cannot wholly work drugs can assist . . . [problems vanish] . . . Along with indecision, suffering, human cruelty on a personal level, have been cast out creativity, independence, a sense of self. Individuality, the crux of centre of the human condition has gone” (Calder 73). As the characters lose each of these things and become increasingly conditioned, they become more dehumanized.
Advertising and upbringing are forms of subconscious conditioning because when the characters are constantly surrounded by these images and ideas they start to accept them as truth (Calder 73). Dr. Bransom, in A Clockwork Orange, states “But most of the roots are Slav. Propaganda. Subliminal penetration” (Burgess 129). Bransom explains that the basis of their conditioning technique is through the subconscious. They believe that this will change the root of the problem as changing the subconscious changes feelings

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