Compare And Contrast Diploid And Chromatin

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Compare: Chromatins are compacted together to create chromosomes, essentially chromosomes are compacted chromatins as they both carry genetic information in the appearance of genes. Contrast: Chromosomes are a condensed chromatin fibers that are higher up in the order of DNA. Chromatins are composed of nucleosomes and are lower in the order of DNA. Chromosomes are compact, thick and coiled while chromatin is comprised of thin and long fibers that are uncoiled in their structure unlike chromosomes. Chromosomes are paired together while chromatin are unpaired. Chromatin is found everywhere in the cell while chromosomes are usually found when it comes to cell division.

2. (3 pts) Compare and contrast diploid and haploid cells (either structurally or functionally) Compare: Both diploid and haploid cells contain genetic information within their structures and have at least one sex chromosomes within their makeup. Both haploid and diploid cells undergo cell division such as mitosis or meiosis in order to produce these haploid and diploid cells. Contrast: Diploid cells contain two sets of chromosomes (2n), which is the total number of chromosomes an individual species has. Haploid cells have only one complete set of chromosomes which is half the number of chromosomes that diploid cells have. Haploids only have one sex chromosomes and are reproductive cells, meanwhile diploid cells have two sex chromosomes and are usually not reproductive cells like haploid cells. Diploid

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