Similarities And Differences Between Les Miserables And The Kite Runner

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Les Miserables and The Kite Runner are two different novels, because Amir doesn’t feel like he is treated like his father’s son. Each person has a strong importance in each of these novels. In real life today, parents try to give their kids the world. They spoil them, they give them more than they could ever ask for, and sometimes, the kids even take advantage of their parents. Amir and Cosette feel different towards their parents and are treated differently. Amir gives us the sense of anger towards his father because he feels he should be loved more. Cosette is treated like a real child and is given all the love and attention she is entitled to. The parent and child relationships in Les Miserables and The Kite Runner have important roles. In both of these novels, the parents protect and take care of the kids.
In Les Miserables, Cosette, the daughter of Jean Valjean, has had a rough life. Her mother, Fantine, gave her to the Thenardiers because she couldn’t afford to take care of her. After Fantine dies, Jean Valjean comes to get Cosette and treat her like his own daughter because he was very fond of Fantine. Jean Valjean buys Cosette from the Thenardiers, and starts to show her the love and respect she deserves. Cosette easily bonds with Jean Valjean because he treats her unlike she has ever been treated. Cosette reminds Valjean of himself after jail, he wants to give her a new beginning and give her the best he can. Jean Valjean also told Cosette’s mother that

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