Similarities And Differences Between The Great Gatsby Book And Movie

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Sitting in high school having to read classic books knowing that you hate to read, but you had to read. Yeah, that was me in high school. I hated to read in high school until I got this one English teacher my Junior year that I fell in love with. She made reading so much better than what I had dreaded all the years. Senior year comes around and at the end of it she introduced us to The Great Gatsby. At first, I didn’t think I would like it, but I fell in love with the book and movie at the end of it all. The Great Gatsby is really about a love affair between a husband and wife. The wife ends up running over the woman her husband was cheating on with. Gatsby at the end got shot because the man thought he had killed his wife. The Great Gatsby is very good in so many ways. The book turned movie has both similarities and differences throughout. But, most of all it shows the romantic side of everyone through the book and movie. Throughout the book and movie, you can tell that there are some love affairs going on, but you don’t notice it until you read the book first then watch the movie. The characters relationships are slightly different between the two. Nick and Jordan are the ones that most people say are in a relationship, but turns out something totally different. In the book, Nick and Jordan were never in a relationship. It never says that they were a couple or in a relationship. It just says that they were friends. In the movie, it showed a little bit like a relationship,

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