Compare And Contrast Pocahontas Book Vs Movie

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Although the Jamestown Colony stands today as the first permanent English settlement, the colony is also known for their hardships while sailing and after landing in Virginia. While the Disney movie “Pocahontas” is based loosely on the reality of the Jamestown Colony, having some similarities, there are some differences between the movie and its reality.

One part historically correct about the movie “Pocahontas” was that the Jamestown settlers arrived in Jamestown in hopes of finding gold and other valuable metals in the region. The movie also mentions that the Spanish were very successful in their gold seeking and that was why the Jamestown colonists became inspired to travel to the New World, which is also historically accurate. While the colonists claimed to also have a religious purpose of converting the Native Americans and start a new life in Virginia, the ratio of experienced workers to gentlemen contradict this claim. In addition, in the middle of the movie, one Jamestown settler complained about having almost nothing to eat. In real life, the Jamestown settlers really did not have much to eat; they were experiencing major food shortages, and their shelters were extremely unstable. Lastly, in both the movie and the reality of the Jamestown Colony, the settlers struggled to find any gold from their land, unlike the Spanish.

On the other hand, there are some parts of the movie “Pocahontas” that do not align with the reality of the Jamestown Colony. One historically

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