Similarities And Differences Between Tygraphy And Calligraphy

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Introduction In any attempt at differentiating between two or more concepts/ideas/styles, it is essential that we define the similarities and, more importantly, the differences between them. In the case of calligraphy and typography (as well as a sub-set of these two, “lettering”) it is useful to refer to a quote from William Franklin Adams, a senior graphic designer, which encapsulates the separate identities between Calligraphy and Typography. Adams indicates the following “Calligraphy is the art of expressing a text beautifully via handwriting- it is inherently human and emotional and is unique. …Typography is the craft of setting type so as to honor the content- it is typically commercial and expected to be made in multiples”. (Adams, 2014) A further differentiation may be seen in the following comment “In…show more content…
It is the art of producing handwriting or lettering which is decorative by use of pen or brush. Contemporary calligraphic practice is defined as “…the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious and skilful manner.” (Mediaville, 1996) For hundreds of years the worlds knowledge of the time could be found in hand-written books using ink and a pen, the former having to be produced and the latter having to be frequently re-cut. Examples of this are to be found in both testaments of the Bible, the Canterbury Tales and all Greek and Latin texts through the ages. It is presupposed that it was in ancient roman times when the letters used by their predecessors, such as the Greeks and the Phoenicians reached their characteristics in both beauty and proportion. The romans are known to have used a metal stylus to etch letters into tablets made of wax. They also used pen with ink on bark; however, this latter method proved difficult to read as it was extremely difficult to correctly form the letters which seemed to merge into one

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