Similarities And Differences In Nazi Germany

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Yahweh- he is the divine God. He knows what’s going to happen and what’s best for his people. He has planned this out, for the better
Churches- the churches were being broken down and really couldn’t do anything. Yes they could’ve fought back but fear got the best of them. They probably would’ve been killed on the spot. No difference would’ve been made.
Leaders of allied countries- it’s as simple as “this is not our country” they are allies, but they are not their babysitters
Non-Jewish Europeans- they had no control over the situation, but they turned their back on their friend and let them suffer
Top SS officers- they were the ones who passed the idea and rolled with it. They agreed with Hitler and up on his plan.
The Jews- the Jews were being tortured and traumatized. They could’ve been brave and escaped, but they would’ve died or found and put in another concentration camp.
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they are almost as faulty as the top SS officers. The only difference is they can’t pass the law. They can only agree with it,
Hitler- he is just one man, with one idea, and one gut feeling. People gave him the army to torture those poor souls. Without the army he is just one man.
Minor Nazi soldiers- these solders barely have any power. Most of them were there either because of the money for their families or they agreed. If they disagreed, because Hitler ruled almost as a tyrant, he would have been a disgrace.
Residents of Auschwitz- they are not an army. They have no power. They can’t do anything, but pray them. And that’s courtesy if they even care about
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