Similarities Between 70 And 70

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The 70’s v. 2017 Life in the 70’s was very different than it is today. When you compare the 1970s to 2017 you can see the huge differences, and maybe some similarities. A lot has changed since the 70’s, including the style, lifestyle, pop culture, and more. Since the 70’s a lot has changed, we have changed in some ways and are similar in more ways than one. Here are the differences and similarities between the 70’s and today, 2017. In the 70’s the first president of the decade was Richard Nixon, he was the 37th president and was in office 1969-1974. Eventually Gerald Ford held office after Nixon resigned to avoid the eventual outcome of Watergate, which would have led to impeachment. Jimmy Carter then served as president in years 1977-1981, with Walter Mondale as vice president. Today in 2017 we have Donald Trump and Mike Pence, and people are begging for Trump to be impeached, similar to Nixon. Though people do see impeachment in Trump’s future, but some do not. Another difference since the 70’s is the inflation of the dollar. A dollar in 1970 is worth $6.30 today, which is a 530.0% increase. A dollar in 1979 is worth $3.37, which is a 237% increase. When comparing the 70’s to today it is always best to compare the cost of living. In 1970 minimum wage was $1.60, today in New Mexico minimum wage is now $9.25. A year of tuition at a public college was about $1,200 in the 70’s, according to the college board, the average student payed about $9,650 for tuition. In January of

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