Similarities Between Aeneas And Achilles

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Aeneas was considered as a Trojan hero in the Greco-Roman mythology. He was the son of goddess Venus sometimes known as Aphrodites and prince Anchises. Aeneas' father was King Priam's fast cousin of Troy, both of them were IIus' grandsons, who was the founder of Troy. This meant that Aeneas was Priam children's first cousin such as Paris and Hector. Aneneas is one of the Greek mythology characters and in Homer's lliad. In the Roman mythodology, Aeneas is given full treatment especially in Aeneid Virgil, in which he is regarded as Remus and Romulus' ancestor. Aeneas became Rome's first true hero.
While on Other hand According to the Greek mythology, Achilles was regarded as Homer’s lliad greatest warrior, and the central character, he was also Greece's hero of the great Trojan War. Achilles was mother was known as nymph Thetis and was immortal, and his mortal father was known as Peleus Myrmidon's King. Achilles is most recognized in the Trojan War for slaying a …show more content…

According to the Greek and Roman mythology both Aeneas and Achilles were good leaders, they both portrayed a good example to the soldiers they commanded. Both Aeneas and Achiles motivated their warriors in various ways, for example Aeneas gave girls to motivate his warriors and Achilles on the other hand shown xenia to the warriors who were fighting alongside him when they were far away from home. Both Achilles and Aeneas were respectful to their fathers. Aeneas respected his father so much and was devoted to his son and on the other hand despite the arrogance of Achilles. It is stated in various sources that both Aeneas and Achilles wanted to fight however they were being held by a number of things, for example Achilles was Held by his hubris and Pride, while on the Other hand Aeneas love for Dido always held him back (Punchner, and

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