Similarities Between Ancient Egypt And Ancient India

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Social Boundary Comparison in Ancient India and Egypt
Imagine what it would be like if we didn't have an alphabet or paper. In ancient times they weren't as privileged as we are today. They had to be creative and think of a way that they could communicate with the resources they had. Writing has been very important in all civilizations and is a symbol of upper class in most. Dating back to the earliest Egyptian writing in 3300 BCE with hieroglyphs that served different functions with each script. Writing has progressed since then and has evolved to what is known and loved while creating social boundaries. It is very clear to see social boundaries in India and Egypt and how writing only enforced their social class systems.
Despite being very different, both India and Egypt had social boundaries created through their caste system which defined their education opportunities. As defined in Worlds of History a caste system is, “…a group of persons who will eat with one another and intermarry, while excluding others from these two intimacies.” (Reiley p. 80) What does this mean? In India’s civilization, this meant that people were born in specific social castes and they could all be grouped into five main groups. In India, these five groups were called: Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, Shudra, and outcasts. The caste system can be compared to a wedding cake and at the top tier is Brahmins which were holy priests. These people were seen with the highest respect and anyone in this

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