Similarities Between Christianity And Buddhism

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There are similarities between Christianity and Buddhism, but they also have many differences. Christians follow the word of God, prayers, the sacraments, and etc., while Buddhists follow the eightfold path, which includes morality, concentration, wisdom, and etc. The goal of Christianity is to follow the commandments of God, spread his word to everyone, and get to heaven, while the goal of Buddhism is to reach Nirvana. The process is different from Christianity, because Christians believe eternal life; people either go to heaven or to hell based on the judgement the Father gives based on the basis of brotherly love. In Buddhism, individuals are reborn into different lives after death, and their rebirth is dependent on karma, which is dependent on their actions. Even though there is ideological difference between these two religions, the core beliefs are all about caring for others, hormonal relationship between body, mind and spirit. Both religions promote love and compassion towards others in order to build strong relationships. People have to do good in order to go to a good place, either heaven, Nirvana, or a good rebirth and bad deeds take people to either hell or a bad rebirth. When we look at these two different faiths closely, it is obvious that these two faiths act as moral agents. They are holding high moral values of compassion, love, kindness and mercy. People get healed with their strong faith and religious actions. Every religion has emphasized the

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