Similarities Between Confucius And Confucius

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Compare and Contrast the Concept of Friendship according to Aristotle and Confucius. Confucius and Aristotle both examined the concept of friendship. Since they lived in vastly different societies, one would expect that their concepts would be dissimilar. Surprisingly they are also similarities. The two traditions’ thoughts on friendship are from two perspectives, virtue and trustworthiness. There are some similarities between Aristotle and Confucius on the concept of friendship. Both viewed friendship as virtuous and trustworthy of friends who obtained the character of each other. According to Aristotle and Confucius full virtue essential has to be perfectly harmonious in which friends are completely agreed to share their life. This…show more content…
Both could be perform in some contexts as faithfulness; occasionally . For Aristotle friendship requires time and familiarity; as the
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