Similarities Between Frankenstein And The Creature

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Throughout the novel, Victor Frankenstein and the Creature developed many similarities. Frankenstein and the creature relate in their relationship with nature, desires for family, desire to learn more, and a sense of pain. Throughout the book they became closer to one another although the challenges of the world around them change their relationship with one another dramatically. The differences in between the creator and creature along with similarities show how contrasting can be a positive and negative thing. At first, the creature and Frankenstein appeared separated until eventually they bonded overtime. The moment the creature and Frankenstein first met, the creature awoke, Victor Frankenstein ran away in fright. Later on, they began to grow a relationship while talking and telling stories in the cave hidden deep in the forest. After he heard the tragic story of what occurred with the DeLacy family, Frankenstein still felt reluctant to help this horrendous creature once again. By promising that he would create a female for him, Frankenstein knew that he had a long journey ahead of him. After hearing multiple dreadful stories about deaths of his family and friends, Frankenstein started to assume that the creature performed these cruel tasks. The gruesome acts of the creature, caused Victor to feel great pain at the loss of his younger brother William, and many others.The first killing resulted from some anger he felt because no one loved, or accepted him. Eventually
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