Similarities Between Hannibal And Mao Zedong

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The Hannibal and Mao Zedong journey have several things are similarities and differences. They grow up with conflict in their country and they have a father who influenced their life. The Hannibal hates the Romans because he promises to his father who was a general of the army. After the war is over Hannibal was become to the commander and he has a plan to defeat the Romans by making the relationship with many natives in the Iberian Peninsula area. The Mao Zedong plan to revolution of his country by changes to the Communist and He founded the Red Army to against the Nationalist Government. Mao Zedong is similar to Hannibal because they are the leader of the peoples who followed their, Mao Zedong have 86,000 men and 30 women followed with him.
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