Similarities Between Macbeth and the Film, A Simple Plan

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Macbeth is a Shakespearean tragedy that teaches readers about ambition and greed which resulted in tragedy. The play features many interesting scenes, references to the unknown, and several interesting characters. In 1998, a film was made from Sam Raimi based on a book of the same name, called A Simple Plan. Although the plots are not the same, characters and setting are very similar. The main idea of A Simple Plan illustrates important similarities to Macbeth. The characters have similar feelings, and experience equal losses.

Lady Macbeth and Sarah have strong ambitions by creating plans to gain their objectives before their husbands can anticipate their plans. For example, during the scene where Lady Macbeth reads Macbeth’s letter, it says that the witches gave Macbeth the prophecy he would be king. Lady Macbeth does not hesitate any further to tell Macbeth to kill Duncan: “The Raven himself is hoarse / That croaks the fatal entrance of Duncan / Under my battlements” This quote can be seen in Scene 1, Act 38-40. As she learns that Macbeth asks the “stars” to hide his desires, Lady Macbeth asks the spirits to give her strength by giving her manly cruelty

“Come, you spirits
That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here
And fill me from the crown to the toe top-full
Of the direst cruelty. Act 1, Scene 40-43

She is clearly willing to do whatever is necessary to seize the throne.As soon as Macbeth notifies her that King Duncan will come to their castle that night, she

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