Similarities Between Plagiarism And Modern Pirates

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Baker Faisal Ahmed Saleh SEM1 2017

Short Essay about:
Plagiarism and modern pirates.

UHAK 1012
Sec 10

“Blurred lines” is a 2013 hit song by Musician Robin Thicke and producer Pharrell Williams, it has debuted at number one in over 20 countries, and was nominated to win a Grammy in 2014, its estimated earnings were $16.6 Million. Robin’s hit was critically acclaimed to have stolen some of lines and melodies of the late artist Marvin Gaye and his ’77 hit song “Got to give it up”, after suing Thick and Williams by Marvin’s family, eventually the two artists had to pay $7.4 million to the family of the late Marvin Gaye. (1)
Plagiarism is an act of an unauthorized copying, stealing, imitating other people’s original work or ideas and claiming it’s their own work. it’s unethical and illegal act and will lead anyone who does it by a whole stealing or
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It’s sometimes different in the movies industry because a lot of times movies get remade and renewed (with authorization of course) but people might not know it and then call it stealing, but it is different with Luc Besson who was told to pay €450,000 for plagiarism of director John Carpenter’s science-fiction action film “Escape from New York” because of largely copying major plots from the original
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