Similarities Between Science And Religion

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It seems that science and religion stand to ask two sides of a very similar question: How does the world work? Science, on the one hand, looks to answer this question with evidence of the way the physical world works as it can be ardently observed by human eyes. While on the other hand, religion offers an account of why the world stands the way it does from the perspective of one all-powerful God. The different perspectives that science and religion employ in answering this grand question are part of the reason that both are necessary in their own standing. Because when it comes down to it, answering these questions and thinking about their implications is an extremely important aspect of being human and being alive. First, to look at the perspective of science, it is important to note that scientists are objective in their methodologies, and are tasked to observe the phenomenon within the world in which we live and report their findings. Science has provided mankind with amazing discoveries of the interworking’s of the physical world including the law of gravity, how electricity works, and even why the sky is blue. These and many more influential discoveries have taught human beings invaluable lessons about how the world in which we live operates and their discoveries have made it easier to prosper as human beings. Science has met the challenge of many practical problems that have faced humanity and will continue to answer these questions as they arise. But it also

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