Similarities Between Talents And Strength

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Talents & Strengths While there are many similarities between the terms - talents and strengths - there is a slight difference between them. Talents on one hand are not as build-able, as strengths are. Talents - as for a sprint racer for his running speed - can be improved upon, since the primary talent to run fast already exists in the person. Strengths on the other hand - like integrity, kindness, humility and optimism can be built even on non-existent foundations. With enough practice, good teaching, persistence and dedication, strengths can take deep roots within us, and help us flourish. Talents are relatively automatic and individuals have almost no choice about possessing it. Strengths, in contrast, are usually more voluntary and have the choice of not only about when to use and whether to keep building it, but also to acquire it in the first place. By devoting enough time, with conscious efforts and determination, most of the strengths can be acquired and further strengthened by any individual. Talents, however, cannot be acquired merely by a desire. …show more content…

In fact, the others are often elevated and inspired by simply observing the virtuous action which further generates positive emotions within them. Strengths and virtues thus create a win-win situation and we can all be winners, by engaging in such options of developing and displaying them. Philosophers, world leaders and spiritual masters from times immemorial have endorsed six clusters of prime virtues: Wisdom, Courage, Humanity, Justice, Temperance, and Spirituality. There are several ways to achieve and develop them. These are the core characteristics and can be acquired, build, developed and measured. Each of these prime virtues is further explained

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