The Little Engine That Could

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“The Little Engine That Could,” is a classic children’s book whose narrative provides an example of overcoming obstacles through belief in yourself and inherent aptitudes. Here the author depicts a story of a small train engine heading out to deliver toys and food for the children in a town just over the mountain. The train chugs happily along the tracks until it suddenly halts, the wheels will not budge another inch. Several trains of variable size, shape, as well as ability pass by and refuse the small trains pleas for help. Hope dwindles but alas, there on the horizon is the sight of the littlest engine heading down the track. The littlest engine stops, and queries about the predicament this small train full of toys and food has…show more content…
This is not for lack of effort rather innate ability. Inherent talent or aptitude represents a repertoire thoughts, emotions, and behaviors with the potential of being fully actualized within daily life if one dedicates time and energy into honing these skills. This principle provides the foundation of research by Donald O. Clifton, father of strength psychology and creator of the Strength Finder Assessment. The Clifton Strength Finder is an assessment tool designed to help an individual identify, develop, and apply his or her unique strength set. My paper will discuss personal revelations about myself arising from the Clifton Strengths Finder Assessment , delineate the particular thought, behavior, and emotion patterns within the strengths of connectedness, empathy, belief, relator, and developer distinctive of my unique talents , and finally discuss personal application for further development of these innate gifts.
The purpose of the Clifton Strength Finder is identification of the unique and natural abilities you possess. The Clifton Strength Finder reveals my innate aptitude falls into the themes of connectedness, empathy, belief, relator, and developer. These themes have implications for the way my inherent strengths can best be utilized within my personal and professional life. The theme of developer highlights my natural inclination for seeing the potential within others rather than limitations, moreover the gift of creating experiences
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