Similarities Between The Quran And Islam

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Throughout history, there have been many different religions based on culture and regional beliefs and values. In the 21st century, Christianity and Islam have survived the test of time and continue to be two of the predominant religions that encompass people around the world. Each has their religious text to guide their believers. The Holy Bible guides Christians and the Quran govern the Muslims. By analyzing the writings from the Quran and the Bible, the similarities and differences between the Quran and the Bible begin to emerge. To the average individual, the two different books appear to very different. However, after researching the two religious writings, the two are very similar in many ways. Both books provide evidence that both religions are monotheists which means they believe in one God. The Quran identifies their leader as Allah, and the Bible defines their leader as God. The Ten Commandments in the Bible states “I am the Lord thy God… and thou shalt have no other Gods before me” ( ). Both the Quran and the Bible share that God sent a messenger to earth to witness to the people. The messenger for the Muslims was Muhammed, and the messenger for Christians was Jesus, the son of God. Another belief shared in both religious texts is that sinners will go to hell. Another resemblance is the Ten Commandments of the Bible and the Five Pillars of Islam. The Ten Commandments are religious laws which are similar to a moral code that should not be

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