Similarities In Cinderella And The Glass Voice By Chantellla

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Few similarities was when the step mother makes them clean up while the other two doesn't do anything and just sits there. Another similarity is when Chantella and Ella's mom dies, they were unhappy. Both of their father ended up marrying to an step mother who was evil. The 3rd similarity is when their dad passes away. The fourth similarity is in Cinderella, Ella's father is soiling his new wife and his step daughter. When Mara and the twins move in after the wedding the father just lets the twins take Chantella's room, and moves her to the maids quarters. In both books there is also one person that helps them out. Like in Cinderella, the fairy god mother helps her get to the ball. In The Glass Voice, Verna helps Chantella make it to the auditions.
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