Similarities Of Ontology And Epistemology

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In the study of philosophy, Metaphysics (Ontology) and Epistemology are probably the two most broad and complex branches or terms one may come across. The correlation between epistemology and metaphysics is based on the understanding that epistemology justifies what otherwise would be "correctable" knowledge, that moves concepts into reality. Without epistemology, nothing in metaphysical study would have any sort of authority or weight and this is significant because metaphysical beliefs or concepts cannot depend on traditional scientific methods to be proven true. In my opinion in the context of education, both models and theories are closely intertwined subjects that cannot be completely differentiated as one being more important than the …show more content…

It is in essence the study of all things not in the physical realm. Physical study is conducted through various sciences but in the context of philosophy, it investigates why things exist and uses various ideas to explain the realities people experience. The word metaphysics itself is derived from the Greek words ‘meta’ which means after and ‘ta Phu sika’ which means ‘physics’. The word ontology is derived from the Greek words ‘ontos’ which means ‘being’ and logos’ which means study or the suffix ‘–ology’ which means ‘study of’.
There are four known subsets of metaphysical questions namely:
• Cosmology-which is the study of theories about the origin, nature and development of the universe with questions such as “How did the world …show more content…

However variations in metaphysical beliefs have led to different approaches and systems of education hence the reason why so many private Christian and other religious schools exist today. In particular the anthropological aspect of metaphysics is in this context, is especially important to educators of all persuasions because of the ability to mold imperfect human minds at varying impressionable stages of their lives.
Epistemology is also derived from the Greek word ‘episteme’ meaning knowledge and ‘logos’ which means study or the suffix ‘–ology’ which means ‘study of’. It is that branch of philosophy that focuses at discovering the true meaning of knowledge, how that knowledge is acquired and human knowledge limitations sources and characteristics, simply put, “how do you know what is true?” It is one thing to believe something but quite another to feel justified in believing that something is true.
Epistemology is divided into two parts

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