Similarities and Differences Between Polly and Jessie Wilson in The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson

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Polly and Jessie Wilson both have many similarities and differences in the book The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson. First, both of these characters stay dedicated to John Wilson throughout the entire story, trusting he is always doing the right thing. Second, neither Polly nor Jessie suspect John is doing anything wrong. Third, Polly and Jessie are both married at a young age, which doesn’t give them time to experience life before dedicating themselves to this man. Fourth, both believe every word of Johns, without question or second thoughts. In terms of differences, Polly displays forgiveness, while Jessie displays independence. Polly and Jessie are both very similar people with regards to their naivety, innocence, and dedication, but quite different in terms of forgiveness and independence. In this creative non-fiction, Polly and Jessie are both depicted as very naïve people. These two women believe everything that John tells them. When Jessie sister Mary writes letters to Jessie talking about how she is dying and is extremely happy for Jessie and John, the book even tells the reader “The upright and honorable John Wilson wrote both these letters himself” (Simmie 42). This also applies to the letter from F.M Maxwell, talking about Mary and her passing. Jessie does not bother wondering why these letters are typed instead of handwritten, proving she believes everything. This leads to the second similarity, Polly and Jessie believe every lie from John. This is not to say
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