Similarities and Differences Between the Conflicts in Sierra Leone and Rwanda

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During the 1900’s two deadly wars were raging on, the civil war in Sierra Leone and the genocide in Rwanda. The civil war in Sierra Leone began in March 1991, while the genocide began in 1994. Combined these two wars killed upward of 1,050,000 people, and affected the lives of all the people that lived there. The conflicts in Sierra Leone and Rwanda occurred for different major reasons, but many little aspects were similar. Politics and Ethnicity were the two main conflicts, but despite the different moments rebellions and the murder of innocent people occurred in both places. Politics was the factor that caused the Sierra Leone Civil War, while ethnicity and years of oppression fueled the genocide in Rwanda. These two causes are …show more content…

The young boys were already without families due to the war, and their fellow soldiers would become their new family. The leaders of the armies would convince the children that the enemy was who had killed their family, which may have influenced their decisions not to flee. Along with the recruitment of the child soldiers these wars caused the deaths of many innocent people. In Rwanda despite the “hatred” between the two groups many people were not apart of any army. Despite that fact many were still killed and children were killed too, not child soldiers, young babies and children because of who their parents were. This was the same in Sierra Leone, villages were burned and families were killed even though they had no part in the political destruction in the country. They armies would go around burning the villages and towns down, forcing people to run for their lives, and killing others. Many villages and places in these countries were burned, ransacked, and destroyed due to the conflict. The wars heavily altered both these countries political systems, economy, and development. Both these conflicts were detrimental to Sierra Leone and Rwanda, in similar ways. The murder of innocent children affects the future generations of the country. Along with the poor conditions that the young children will grow up in, they will also have to rebuild the economic and political structure. The primary origins, although they were different, caused the same lasting

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