Simmie Book Report

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After knowing that people don’t really know about the Saskatchewan history that was happened before back in 1920, when a police officer Sgt. John Wilson murdered his own wife because of his personal intention to marry a different woman. Simmie planned to write a book about this police man. And the story got started when after Rob sander the publisher at Douglas and McIntyre LTD agreed to her plan, Sander is one of people who never heard the story about john Wilson before, but was amaze after hearing it from Simmie. He published the book to help Simmie achieve her purpose and one of the person behind the scene who make that all of this will become worthwhile. Simmie did not write the book just to promote herself or become well known but the purpose is to educate the …show more content…

After the hesitation, sweat, time and effort she has and she put on all of it become worthwhile, people don’t mind spending their money buying this book, most of learning institution uses her book, readers don’t want to put it down once they start reading it.
It was hard at first but Simmie always find her way to find the person who can help her. In 1995 the book got published by sander, unlike other out their this one this been in the market for more than two decades now and still counting, its very well known to the local of Saskatchewan and they always recommend it. Those feedback is obviously showing that Simmie did accomplish her purpose spreading this factual event from the past. In fact, she did made a award winning book.
The information above is clearly saying that Simmie indeed achieve her purpose educating people by doing this true to life novel book, which is about love and murder story of Sgt. John Wilson, all her time and effort has paid off , after making a remarkable

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