Since India’S Independence In 1947, The Country Has Been

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Since India’s independence in 1947, the country has been growing exponentially in every possible way. The GDP and India’s economy have both been booming in the last 70 years. All of this incredible growth has brought with it a new wave of culture, technology and way of life. Close your eyes and imagine the bustling streets of Ahmedabad, a city in the northwest of India. Hundreds of thousands of cars and scooters, all racing about to their destinations, as thousands more walk around during the busy days under the sun. Engaging in commerce and socialization, the people of India from the outside are looked down upon as the people of a developing nation. India is just that, developing, but there is nothing that anyone can say that makes it …show more content…

“Public Health is not viewed as distinct and essential scientific discipline by policymakers and health administrators.” (Mohindra et al. 839). Due to this very controversial opinion, India provides little funding to public healthcare, and the distribution of these funds varies by state. So what does this mean for the people? My grandfather, who resides in Ahmedabad, had faced many years of deteriorating knee pains. He finally after much convincing considered getting knee replacement surgery to improve his quality of life and mobility. After an initial consultation, confirming his eligibility for the knee replacement, he first entertained the idea of using public health care clinics. This would be much cheaper making it much less cumbersome for our family financially, thus reducing some tension as well. He researched various public hospitals who were capable of performing the surgery and found the top three institutions. After scheduling appointments with all of them, he was greeted by an NPC in a sub par check up room in relation to hygiene and quality. The lack of funding showed. Even after seeing this he tried to schedule aa surgery date and was informed he would have to wait months to get a time slot in the operating theatre (which was in direct correlation with the standards of the checkup room). My grandfather was fed up and decided it was enough and instead approached private

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