Since The Beginning Of Time, Women Have Explicitly Had

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Since the beginning of time, women have explicitly had fewer rights than men until early 1972 when the equal rights amendment was passed. However, the passing of this amendment did not mean that women were treated equal to men. Despite supposedly being “equal,” to this day, women get paid less than men, making only about eighty percent of that their male counterparts earn. More injustices are shown in politics where despite having increased the number of females in government positions drastically since the twentieth century, women make up less than a quarter of the parliament as of August 2016. In more recent times, government funding has been taken away from abortion clinics, the Affordable Care Act on women has been repealed, being a…show more content…
When a large population of Americans are losing their health care, their ability to get a safe abortion, their right to not be discriminated against, and more, it is fair to say that the government’s inefficiency is unendurable, as Thoreau puts it. Living under those conditions is no way to live, and it certainly should not be accepted, meaning that it was the protestors’ civic duty to stand up against these unconstitutional acts. The inefficient government protection of citizens is one of the many causes that ignited this march. In addition to the reduction of rights to many, Donald Trump has been known to make sexist, degrading comments about women, including his own daughter, before and during his presidency. He has made comments about having sex with his daughter, about how he can make sexual advances because he is a “star,” about Hillary Clinton being a list of derogatory things, and the list goes on as discussed by Sir Michael Marmot, President of the World Medical Association, (Marmot). Thoreau’s argument can be extended to say that all people have the right to resist the president when they are inefficient, again making it a civic responsibility to not accept these inappropriate remarks coming from the leader of an entire country. The unacceptable behaviors of our president on top of his removal of necessary acts is yet another reason why the Women’s March was formed. Based on the acts previously mentioned that are being taken
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