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By:Nikki cook

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Singing gernes
By nikki cook
The music you listen to comes in many forms of music. Like pop (aka popular music) hip-hop, rap, r&b, country. You might think they have nothing in common with each other but they do, they come in many ranges, many different sounds, and some of them have a rich history. (this info comes from

Classics/ art music
Classic the term, can refer to a number of different genes, that are related. The meaning of classical music itself in our lange is European classical music, (older western music). Also referred to a classic (or art) non-western kind of music, like the indian music, or chinese classic.

My mom was born 1983
My mom was born in 1983
Rhythm and Blues
Rhythm and Blues also known as R&B is referred to as Black pop music (no offense to you blacks out there.) for the 1940’s to 1960’s, …show more content…

After a while it had a downfalldown fall other musicmuisc genres had became more popular than it was.
Country music
In the 1930s in the USA countrycontry (also known as honky tonk countrycontry back then) was stronglystrogly influencedinfluced by Blues, and jug bands. After that in the 1950s it achievedachivied a great mainstream by adding some elementselments of rock and roll whichwich this type of it can be called rockabilly. Also westernwestren swing was made whichwich had influencesinfluces from swing and bluegrass. Later, Nashville came into the picture makingmakeing something called Nashville sound. In the 1970s the most popularpoupoural version of this genegrene was outlaw countrycontry. In the late 1980s saw ubran cowboys bring some more infuncles thoughr 1990s.You can still hear contry today I encourge you to go out and do

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