Single Sex Schools Are Worth Study

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Education has always been a popular topic.How can education make students better is the core of the topic.My thesis focuses on single-sex school which aims to develop a more equal environment for students. In addition to the instruction ,this research paper is divided into four parts:The first part explores why some areas carry out single-sex education.The second part illustrates the general implementation of the single –sex schools .The third part elaborates the advantages and dis advantages about single-sex schools. The fourth part includes people’s attitude towards single-sex schools and how should we do with it.With a long history ,single- sex schools are worth study.


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But during the 19th century,this begin to change.The industrial revolution had developed into full blossom ,the consciousness of self and equality increased.Women awakening followed.Due to the pursuit of gender equality and social progress,coeducation became universal.According to Cornelius Rordan,”By the end of the nineteenth century ,coeducation was all but universal in American elementary and secondary public schools . And by the end of the 20th century ,this was largely true across the world.Wiseman shows that by 2003 ,only a few countries across the global have greater than one or two percent single-sex schools . But there are exceptions where the percent of single-sex schools exceeds 10percent: Belgium Chile, Singapore, The United Kingdom, HongKong, Israel, NewZealand ,Australia,Korea,and most Muslim nations.(C.Riordan The Value of Single Sex Education) It seemed that single sex schools were not popular any more.However,recently,people found that brain structures differ between girls and boys .Considering the differences between girls and boys ,single sex schools may perform better in the

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