Sino-Russian Relations

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Russia and China have had many different types of relationships over the years. They are two of the largest states in population and land mass. These two states also share large borders. The two states have problematic pasts with the United States and both have a somewhat precarious relations with the U.S. currently. Russia and China’s cooperation together is beneficial to both states, although having an alliance together can pose a risk to the current status quo of international relations in Asia and the world. China and Russia will continue to work together to both achieve a major power status in Asia. From a realist’s point of view on the matter, China and Russia cooperate only for their own personal gains that will suit them. Often …show more content…
The Chinese still feel ambiguous about this loss of land and many nationalist and academic in China refer to it as, “lost one-and-a-half million square kilometers.” (Harkins, 2010) These actions have had an effect on the relations of the two countries up to the 1960’s where there were clashes on the border along the Amur and Ussuri’s river banks in the RFE. There are many small islands in between the banks of these rivers that Russia and China feuded over. In 1969 there was one confrontation Ussuri River that led to 31 Russian fatalities (Harkins, 2010). In the 1980’s things in the region started to cool down and both nations looked into having peaceful talks about the border. “In 1986, during a speech in Vladivostok, Gorbachev publicly proposed a new bilateral agreement moving the China-RFE border to the middle of the channel in the Amur River.” (Harkins, 2010) This act by the Russians resolved the major border conflict and made the relations between the two nations more favorable. These peaceful solutions have put an end to the unpleasant attitude towards their 4,300 km border. Although there was much discontent between the two nations when Russia was the Soviet Union and before that. The Soviet Union had militarized it’s borders along China and much of the far east because of their then tricky
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