Sioux Arrowhead: A Short Story

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A night that consist of breathless air and past a dark ravine is where a séance sets its place. Where a Galileo clock and a Sioux Arrowhead was the focus. A woman named Jade in her mid 30's, and her best friend Autumn. Each with their own best friend dolls to share with each other neither one, were fully aware of what they are about to cause. "Are you ready Jade? 'Yes Autumn I am ready, then let it begin." Hand to hand Autumn and Jade begin; 'Guardian of the east we invite you to watch over us; Guardian of the north we invite you to watch over us;' the ground began to open up with evergreens. Galileo's clock was a necklace bound to Autumn's doll and the Sioux arrowhead was a necklace bound to Jades doll.

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