Sioux Tribe

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The Sioux During the Indian times the Sioux would do different things to get food, water, and shelter. Often they would have to move near lakes and rivers and animals to get more supplies. Buffalo is one of the main supplies for everything like their shelter and coats. Water is important to have when you are in the woods. That is why the Sioux would live by lakes and rivers to get resources for their camp. Another reason the Sioux and other Indians would live by or near water is because they need to wash their clothes. They would also bath in the rivers and lakes. The last reason is because it is a good source of food like fish. Speaking of food, food is very important and hard to get but not if you were an Indian in the 1600’s. The Indians of the Sioux would send the adult male Indians to hunt for food. They would normally hunt for animals like deer and buffalo. While some of the male would be hunting others and women would be taking care of the crops for the vegetables and other things. So they would normally do the same amount of work except when it came …show more content…

Which is not a bad thing because they are using their resources. They never through away or give away anything because they use it all for something one way or another. When it came to moving or packing up they could get it done under an hour or even less. It just depends on how big the group is I guess. Packing up fast is a good thing when it comes to where you are being chased by someone you can get away faster. Being an Indian must have been hard if you think about it. The thing is, that if I were an Indian back then I guess it would be a cool experience because I have always learned about Indians and how they collected food and it would just be cool I guess. So they lived by lakes and rivers to get some of their supplies and hunted deer and buffalo for their hide for a lot of the things they use. So yes it would be an excellent experience for

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