Sister Rose Thering Essay

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Mosingor John M. Oesterreicher and Sister Rose Thering have altered Catholic beliefs in modern times. John is one of the most modern influential figures of the church. While growing up times were difficult. Jews were being persecuted by Hitler and the Nazi’s which caused his family to have to move various times until finally arriving to the United States. He studied medicine at the University of Indiana and eventually converted to Christianity. After this conversion, he dedicated his life to the priest hood He combated the Nazi’s through Radio. Eventually he was forced to move west and lost both of his parents who had been sent to the concentration camps. Through research, book and journal publication Oesterreicher began to improve the relationship …show more content…

The question was “Did God love the Jews?” Oesterriecher invited Sister Rose Thering into the institute. Sister Rose Thering’s research was extremely influential in the Nostra Aetate. Sister Rose explored many religious texts for her doctoral research and realized that many of these books contained many prejudicial attitudes. She felt disgusted and therefore fought against Anti-Semitism. Her PhD thesis was used in Vatican 2 in 1965 which is a tremendous achievement for women and a step toward the acceptance of Judaism.At Seton Hall, she has played a major role in Judeo-Christian Studies and has helped it grow. It is quit upsetting that these two individuals are not well known. Christianity and Judaism have always been in a quarrel and this document attempts to reconcile them and she was proud that had been passed. Seton Hall has had the tremendous opportunity to have such influential individuals as Sister Rose Thering and John M. Oeserricher teach at the university. After all, Christianity derived from Judaism and Jesus himself was a Jew. It is great to know that an important document that revolutionized the world had its origins here at Seton Hall University. It is a great feeling to be part of a university who has program that unities Judaism and

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