Sisters Of Mercy Scholarship Essay

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Becoming a distinctive mercy graduate means to understand personal truths and values,to mature, to be connected, spiritual, and to be able to accept responsibilities towards society. During my Mercy Today project I learned so much information about the current works of the Sisters of Mercy that connected with what I learned about the history of the Sisters of Mercy and their critical concerns. For example, I learned that a man named, Jim Wither, M.D.,which is the founder and medical director of Operation Safety Net, a ministry of Pittsburgh Mercy Health System (PMHS) and Trinity Health in the tradition of the Sisters of Mercy, he did his work on the streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He did what the Sisters of Mercy were doing in Ireland in the mid 19th Century. Since 1992, Withers has transversed areas under bridges, abandoned buildings, streets and and alleyways, seeking people in Pittsburgh who are homeless, to show them compassion by offering a listening ear, support, medical care and hope. It’s almost the same actions that Catherine McAuley, which is the founder of the Sisters of Mercy, and the Sisters of Mercy were doing on the streets…show more content…
I will graduate with a bachelor's degree of nursing and I will begin my career and the rest of my life to live. The Sisters of Mercy committed to doing so many acts of kindness for others because they cared. That is why I want to be a nurse to help others, I want to help those who are sick and heal the wounds of others, whether they are emotionally, physically, or mentally wounded. I feel as though, it’ll be a rewarding feeling waking up everyday knowing that I’m going to change someone’s life. Other than my career as a nurse I will make time to do my due diligence for my community. My compassion for others will serve me well as a nurse and I will make it my duty to live by the critical concerns of mercy to be a distinctive mercy
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