Site Group International Limited Case Study

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Introduction to Real-World Annual Reports Company explored in the case study: Site group intl. Ltd (SIT) Student Name: Shavini Weliwita ID Number: 13487622 Introduction to Company Annual Report and Financial Statements: Question 1: Site group international limited (SIT) is an Australian company which first started in 1986. The reason as to why this company was first started in Australia is so, that they can provide countries including Australia with different training, education and also staff services to the government, businesses and different individual customers. The main business of SIT is providing training and education services in other countries and also Australia. Also, giving out workforce solutions along a number of different industries to trade and also business customers.…show more content…
I say this because they provide the public with a number of services which are similar and they are tertiary education, skills in training (domestic) and skills in training (international), business training and assessment services to people that are in mining and processing, oil and gas, construction, camp services, hospitality etc. The company may not be diverse but they do deal with other industries like the oil and gas industry, employment industry, construction industry, mining and processing industry, hospitality industry by providing them with services regarding training, education and workforce. This company mainly operates in Australia but also in other countries. Their headquarters in which they do most of their operations is in Brisbane, Australia. They also operate in other countries which are Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Myanmar and also Philippines. To add on, they provide services to the governments and businesses in other parts of the world like Indonesia, Singapore, China, UAE (United Arab Emirates), Azerbaijan
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