Situational Analysis Of WOGI INC Marketing

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Situational Analysis It refers to a set of methods that managers utilize to analyze an organization's external and internal surroundings to know the organization's abilities, clients, and business surroundings. A SWOT Analysis is an additional method in the situation analysis that observes the Strengths and Weaknesses of a firm in addition to the Threats and Opportunities in the market.
Following the WOGI INC’s situational analysis:
• Strengths:
1. Excellent acquisitions and strong fiscal position
2. Nuclear generation resources
3. Energy's principal trade is giving electric and natural gas facility to clients
4. State of art tools, new technology
5. Vertically included operations
• Weaknesses:
1. Has to manage with fixed asset ageing …show more content…

Occasionally the first P is substituted by appearance. Following are the Marketing mix of WOGI INC.
WOGI INC arrogances themselves for functioning excellence and driving rigor and therefore their products are an indication to this fact. For giving best client value they produce qualitative products and improved services. Company also maintains a variety of significant industries in worldwide market and its processes can be separated in business parts that comprise the following:
• Capital finance of WOGI includes personal loans, home loans, credit cards, commercial loans and operating leases
• Technology division of WOGI includes observing tools for patients, medical diagnostics, medical imaging, jet engines, card-accessing system, replacement parts of aircraft, intrusion products and fire detection.
• Products relative to energy communications comprise engine derivate of systems, aircraft, connected to water purification, wind turbines and gas

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